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Mullein Tincture

Mullein Tincture

Contains: Mullein leaf, organic cane alcohol.

Mullein leaf tincture supports all manner of respiratory issues, including congested lungs, coughing, throat and lung irritation and asthma. Mullein helps to open up air passageways and heal lung tissue, and is a great choice for respiratory irritation from smoking.

The herbs in our herbal extracts are hand harvested with respect and care. I take pride in producing tinctures from plant material, grown by me. They are processed by hand in small batches. Extracts are produced with pharmaceutical grade organic cane alcohol according to standard tincturing ratios.

Tinctures can be taken directly under the tongue, in a small amount of water, or in hot water to evaporate off the alcohol. When stored in a cool dark place extracts have a shelf life of five years.

Mullein has been used effectively for centuries, but are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration. You are fully responsibility for the results you experience from our products.

Consult a health practitioner before using these products if you have any serious medical conditions, are pregnant, lactating, or taking any medication.


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